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Are your employees financially distressed? Does that have an impact on your organisation?

The fuel price keeps fluctuating, retrenchments surround us, and economists have advised us to brace ourselves for more price increases. How will our employees cope?

Are your employees financially distressed? Does that have an impact on your organisation?

Studies show that by receiving money management lessons employees are more likely to save, invest, stay out of debt and have more money saved for retirement.

One of the most important issues facing households in South Africa is personal debt. Research shows that South Africans have experienced a troubling increase in the amount of personal debt as compared to personal income. Financial markets have become more complex and employees are faced with a proliferation of new financial products, most of which they don’t understand. It has become difficult to navigate the new financial system and the consequences of mistakes can be devastating.

The challenges of money management are never static, nor are the solutions. For lower income groups the pressure of juggling money never abates as they deal with fixed income, increasing day to day costs and the financial pressures of unexpected life cycle events.

How well equipped are your employees to make effective financial decisions and how much do they know about finance?

Sequor Consulting offers a comprehensive Financial and Legal Wellness programme, targeted to help your employees effectively navigate the current challenging financial landscape. Don’t leave them as prey to loan sharks and unscrupulous money lenders. CONTACT Sequor Consulting on for further information.

The Financial education we provide forms the backbone of the process of building knowledge, skills and attitudes for employees to become financially literate. It introduces employees to good management practices with respect to earning, spending, saving, borrowing and investing their hard earned money.

Our comprehensive programme includes:

HR Administration Capacitation – training on Garnishee Order Management.

Employee Financial Remedial Programme.

Management and Councillors Financial Literacy Training.

Garnishee Order / Emolument Attachment Order Audit.

Besides the obvious benefits, the Employee Financial Remedial Programme also impacts many other areas of our lives. As many are aware, money issues are the leading causes of: stress, relationship strain, unhealthy coping behaviours, divorce and reduces our productivity. All of these symptoms of financial illiteracy can affect our emotional state and impact our work and those we care about most.

The ROI for investment in an Employee Financial Remedial Programme

Increased employee productivity;

Decreased absenteeism;

Decrease in employees requesting financial assistance;

Increase in HR administrator productivity due to a decrease in the number of garnishees and judgements received.

The Sequor’s Employee Financial Remedial Programme aims to boost financial literacy, helps to build stronger communities and a stronger economy in the future. Our intention is to enable people to shift from reactive to proactive financial decision making and help them work towards fulfilling their financial goals. Sequor Consulting promotes attitudes and behaviours that support more effective use of scarce financial resources. SPEAK TO us on

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