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Do you Need a Financial Wellness Coach?

‘Why do you need a coach? What is wrong with you?’ That is the attitude most people have towards coaches. In our experience, we think those who need coaching are those doing something wrong. In fact, the majority of us are stumbling in the dark, making many mistakes, but too proud to ask for help in the form of coaching.

I would like us to consider athletes as an example for us to think about. All athletes have coaches, why? They are already the top performers in their field of excellence, so what in heaven’s name is wrong with them? The thing is, athletes are committed to excellence, and their coaches allow them to excel. Coaches also allow them to continue to compete at the highest level in an ever changing competitive world.

When we were in school, our performance was measured through the use of tests and examinations. These would indicate how we are doing, and give us a measurable indicator of performance that we used throughout our educational experience. Our next measurement of performance comes in the workplace. All employees are measured using an organisational performance management system. This gives us an indicator of how we are performing in the workplace, and may be used to select contenders for promotions or further advancement in the organisation.

Those who are struggling in certain subjects in school seek additional help through academic tutors. In the workplace some people seek career coaches or various consultants for performance support. These people help us navigate the world of academic or career excellence, whichever may apply. The basic principle of the tutor or coach, is to enhance knowledge in areas where it is lacking, thus allowing us to improve and possibly excel.

Now let’s talk money. The reality for most of us is that we have never had formal money or financial training. We learned how to manage our money through trial and error, and if you are like me, you made numerous mistakes. We use our emotions to make financial decisions, and the internet has become our financial advisor. Our day to day finances become like bad diets, they work for a while, but we find ourselves in worse shape at the end than we were at the beginning. Maybe it’s time to consider a different approach. Maybe we could consider Financial Wellness Coaching?

What is Financial Wellness coaching? Effective Financial Wellness coaching shortens your journey to financial success. Good Financial Wellness Coaching provides actionable insight, in addition to an opportunity for growth and development in your financial wellness journey. It allows better financial decision making and more effective problem solving based on your specific financial needs. The purpose and objectives of your financial wellness coaching must be clear and the success criteria needs to be set. We should bear in mind the fact that we are all at different stages in our financial journey, and we all have different hopes, needs and aspirations.

The coaching is the mechanism to help you achieve the success you define for yourself, and the coach supports you on your journey to get there. The coach challenges your thinking, makes you consider different questions and/ or different world views and helps you understand your money scripts. The coach allows you to look at your money decisions with a new set of eyes, and allows you to consider a system to tackle the future, given your hopes, dreams and aspirations.

The reality is that we all need the support of a Financial Wellness Coach. Money can be a source of anxiety, stress and tension, but it can also be a fountain of joy and contentment. We need money to survive on a day to day basis, therefore it’s important for us to control it, and not allow our money to control us. Enlist the services of a Financial Wellness Coach to support you on your journey to better money management. Email us on for more information.

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