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Dream big, Start small, Act now

Why do so many people have the desire to change their lives but fail? One of the best answers is the fact that they don’t have a plan! They have dreams of a better future, but it ends there. They don’t take any steps to achieve the future they desire.

Once you have decided on your goals for the year, you need to take the next step. Let’s discuss how to set your goals and make a plan to reach them.

Step 1 – Prioritise.

List all your goals for the year. You can list as many goals as possible. Use the following sub-headings from the Wheel of Life to set well balanced goals.

Family life, Career, Financial life, Intellectual life, Social life, Spiritual life, and Physical life.

Try to set at least one goal under each sub-heading. Go through your list and prioritise your goals in order of importance. Select your top 2 goals.

Circle your top 2 goals- the ones who would change the things that matter the most in your life at the moment!

Why only two? If you try to pursue too many goals at the same time, you will lose focus. Plus, if you expend your energy trying to pursue too many goals you eventually run out of steam. That’s why so many people can’t make their dreams come true. They have too many goals that they are trying to achieve at the same time

Step 2 – Plan

This is a very important step. Many people fail to plan and that explains why nothing changes in their lives!

For the 2 goals that you selected, plan what you need to do to NOW, in 6 months and in 5 years to make them come true. It means thinking SMALL. What are the little baby steps that will bring you closer to your dream? Make the first actions to do now very easy. It will give you the courage to tackle the next ones. Use the two examples below as a guideline.

Step 3. Act now!

This is the most important piece of advice. You can make a beautiful plan but if don’t act, nothing will happen. So don’t wait for tomorrow, follow your plan and act now!

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