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How to Beat Covid-19 Stress and Trauma with Resilience

Stress is commonly defined as “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or other types of demand placed on them”, and a few weeks into the Covid-19 crisis, many of us will be feeling it.

As an ethical and responsible manager, it’s worth remembering a few key points. First, while some people thrive under pressure, others will struggle to adapt or cope with sudden life-altering changes. Although crises may be an inevitable part of a manager’s professional life, they’re not inevitable for your employees. They will look to you for guidance and excellent leadership.

Why is it that some people in your team, when faced with adversity, will be forced to defend themselves against further onslaught and erect barriers while others will transform it into a challenge and marshal all their abilities to meet it head on?

Our resilience to stress, adversity, change and indeed Covid-19 depends on our inner resources. And while we do not have much control over circumstances that determine our personality, intelligence or availability of support, we all can develop coping strategies. Contact for a resilience assessment, coaching or training interventions via e-learning.

The recent Covid-19 outbreak has been so unprecedented that many organisations and leaders have not been able to prepare for it sufficiently. While many organisations have been offering working from home for a while, few would have predicted that this would be the only way many of us could work for the foreseeable future. Let us support you!

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