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Planning for financial success

Changing demographic profiles coupled with the pervasiveness of digital technology have transformed workplaces.

It has forced organisations to restructure and reinvent every aspect to remain relevant. As the lines between work and life blur—longer hours at work, multiple roles, 24/7 hyper-connectivity—wellness becomes inevitable and integral.

Financial security is probably the main reason why we work. But not all employees are experts at handling money or building wealth. Companies must care about employees’ financial wellbeing and educate them on how to save and invest, advise them on the need for insurance, and pitfalls of overspending on credit cards

As an employer, you are probably aware that employees are experiencing higher and higher levels of stress. Unfortunately, this is affecting employees’ ability to be present and productive in the workplace.

And what is one of the main causes of stress? Money woes.

For many, stress is caused by not knowing where to start. Therefore, implementing an employee financial wellness program is a great place for employers to start helping their team members. Financial planning starts with the basics: Reducing debt, protecting ourselves and our loved ones, setting dollars aside to weather a financial emergency, and saving towards life goals.

Let your employees know that they are not alone and that help is available. In addition, employers can develop a variety of programs to help employees take small steps to improve their financial and mental health. We at Sequor Consulting can help you with these programs. Email us on and we will help you design a program to suit you employee needs.

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