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Smart Money Habits

Use these 10 Simple Steps to help you get smart about your money.

1. What's Behind Your Financial Decisions

Before you create a budget or make spending cuts, take the time to determine what you spend your money on, and what you value most.

2. Get Organized

Manage your financial documents — and your time. Have a file for all your financial documents, or use a financial app if you prefer.

3. Know Where Your Money Goes

Keep track of your expenses and find your spending leaks.

4. Shop Smarter

Make smarter spending decisions to "find" money without actually spending more.

5. Review and Reduce Your Debt

Identify your debt and have a plan to pay it off. List your debt; who do you owe, how much do you owe, when is payment due and at what interest rate?

6. Build a Strong Credit Rating

Maintain a strong credit rating to accomplish your long term financial goals.

7. Save For Your Future

Pay yourself first to save money, create an emergency fund and start a strong retirement income planning program.

8. Set Financial Goals

Set clear financial goals. Track your goals and celebrate milestones to reach your financial dreams faster.

9. Create a Spending Plan

Use a spending plan to ensure your daily spending habits don't overwhelm your goals.

10. Invest Money to Reach Your Goals

Watch your money grow as you invest to reach longer-term objectives.

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