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The Relationship Between our Thoughts and our Money

Did you know that the way we think about ourselves actually has an influence on our personal income? Interesting fact, isn’t it? Those who have confidence and high self-esteem tend to behave in ways that allow for them to successfully take advantage of opportunities to make more money. On the other hand, those with low self-esteem and negative thinking patterns tend to sabotage their own chances of financial success.

So, those who believe they are not worthy or capable will look towards their past failures to justify their negative self-image, thereby hindering their financial growth. But those who have a positive attitude and a high sense of self-worth will look towards their past achievements to know that they can succeed in new financial endeavours.

More money, more happiness?

You may have heard “money does not buy happiness” and according to most research, that is true. If you earn an income that allows you to comfortably pay your bills every month, then the link between money and happiness is weaker than compared to an income below what’s required to survive. Those who are struggling to get by financially experience a lot of stress, but once they have achieved a level of financial stability and comfort, their happiness level is no longer affected by money as it once was before. Although they may be happier due to the lack of financial stress, it does not means that more material purchases is the key to long-term happiness. Studies have found that the happiness level of someone making ZAR 1,000,000 a year is not much different than someone with a ten-million-rand income.

More money does not bring more happiness

Researchers have found that money spent on fun experiences (like a fun day out or concert) is linked with more happiness, whereas spending money on material purchases of ‘things’, does not seem to have the same effect.

What affects happiness more than money?

Happiness is a state of internal fulfilment, it is not the result of external things or events. Positive self-esteem and great relationships with others are some of the intangible factors that can possibly lead to a state of happiness. With a little bit of effort and the right attitude, we all can make improvements and attain happiness.

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